State of Washington: Delay the effective date of the 2021 codes for 120 days.

June 12, 2023

From the Washington State Building Code Council Website:

The State Building Code Council voted on May 24, 2023, to delay the effective date of the 2021 codes for 120 days. The new effective date for all building codes is October 29. Previously, the effective date was July 1, 2023.

The Council also directed SBCC staff to convene two Technical Advisory Groups to consider stakeholder proposals to modify sections in the commercial and residential energy codes. SBCC staff will compile those proposals for the full Council to consider at a later date.

How this affects previous (Feb 28, 2023) code cycle information (linked here on L&I website) from FAS

Date changes:

  • All L&I approved 2018 code cycle plans for: Factory-Built Housing and Commercial Structures (modular buildings), Commercial Coaches, and Temporary Worker Housing expire on October 28, 2023.
  • You may continue to use your 2018 plan approvals on structures started prior to October 28, 2023. Manufacturers, and their customers, are responsible to ensure all local permits are obtained prior to October 29, 2023.
  • All FAS 2018 code cycle buildings must be completed and receive final inspection/insignia for the factory portion of the work by January 31, 2024.

NOTE – all other information from the original 2021 code cycle document remains the same.

How this affects 2021 plans submitted to FAS prior to Oct 29, 2023;

Plan approval request form must designate which code cycle/version you are submitting to.

2021 Code Cycle: IF you choose to submit plans to the 2021 WA State Building Code (as currently adopted), your plans will need to meet all requirements of that code – including the 2021 WSEC_C or WSEC_R. Please see the previous Update RE: WSEC Compliance (linked here on L&I website).

2021 submittals may experience some review delay as we work to determine compliance. Please consider your options if you wish to submit early.

Washington will not accept 2021 plans designed to the 2018 energy code.

  • Please see the SBCC announcement above regarding the possible energy code changes – this may affect your decision on early plan submittals.
  • If your 2021 code cycle plans are approved, and you wish to switch to any new requirements that may come from the emergency rulemaking, you will need to submit an addendum.

Contact the SBCC, technical assistance, or WSU energy office if you have additional questions regarding timelines on emergency WSEC rules, technical documents, forms, web-tools, and similar.

IF you have already submitted 2021 plan packages, and you wish to revise these packages to comply with the 2018 code instead – please contact (FAS1@LNI.WA.GOV) immediately.

  • If FAS receives your notice before they have undertaken the review you will be able to switch out your submittal, and keep your place in line.
  • 2021 submittals that have already been reviewed may be subject to additional fees to amend the plans if you switch to the 2018 cycle.


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